How Termovent turned a crisis into an opportunity and what are we working on in the Netherlands?

We have more than 2 months of a great crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The number of patients increased every day, employees worked according to special regimes (mostly from home), we organized the factory in 3 shifts, according to all health protection procedures, the borders were closed and the possibility of performing daily tasks was reduced to a minimum.

At that moment, the company’s employees show their strength, how much they can adapt to the new changes, influence them and turn the crisis into an opportunity from which everyone will become stronger.

After the realized project of the laboratory “Fire Eye” at the Clinical Center of Serbia in Belgrade, the company Termovent entered a project that aims, among other things, to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

On Friday, 08.05. 14 specialists from Termovent set out for the Netherlands and in the next few months, they will have the task, together with other teams from the EU, to work for the company that is the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world, Poonawalla Science Park and create a microbiological laboratory for research and test for the detection and control of viruses such as Covid-19.

The size and seriousness of the project itself are evidenced by the fact that the project is supported by the Ministry of Health of the Netherlands and the World Health Organization and has been declared a project of exceptional importance.

Dušan Perović,
President of the company termovent

I am proud to be the head of a company that is very recognizable throughout the EU, enough to entrust us with projects of national interest of the countries in which we work, which are so complex that the number of companies that can implement them is very small.

I am proud to point out the huge work and expertise of our associates, who with their work and knowledge have made a large number of positive references around the world, EU, RF, UAE, SA, India, which has significantly contributed to our company becoming famous and top companies dealing with this area.

I owe a great deal of gratitude to the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, as well as to the embassies of the Republic of Serbia in The Hague and Budapest, without which this endeavor would not have been possible.

I wish our team of experts in the Netherlands good health, and a lot of information will be given to you by our Head of Engineering, Prijić Glišo, who manages all these jobs.

Interview with Glišo Prijić, Head of Engineering

What exactly does Termovent do in the Netherlands?

Glišo Prijić: Starting from January 2019, we are working on project documentation for this project together with Scitech. Scitech is the main coordinator of project documentation, and the part that Termovent completes is the part for HVAC, BMS, EMS, Electrical installations, VHP installations, Inert gas fire extinguishing and validation of the complete project, under GAP and BioSafety Level 3 regulations. I owe a great deal of gratitude to my colleagues from my team, primarily to Slaviša Stanković, Project Manager on this project, for his systematic approach and selfless commitment. In accordance with that project, we started producing the equipment in March this year and sending it to the Netherlands.

How important is this project for the Netherlands and world health?

Glišo Prijić: The fact that the project is supported by the WHO, the Ministry of Health of the Netherlands and funded by the Government of the Netherlands speaks about the importance of the project. Together with other partners, our task is to provide space and parameters for testing active viruses, including Corona viruses. There are not many such laboratories in Europe, which additionally speaks of the size and importance of this project, especially taking into account the current situation in the world.

How did the Serbian company Termovent deserve such trust?

Glišo Prijić: This is the fourth project we are working on for this client. The success of previous projects was the best recommendation for this job as well. For 15 years, our company has been performing the most demanding projects in the markets of the EU, Russia and the Balkans, and we are recognized as a reliable partner, with high quality and reliability for even the most demanding projects. Guided by the motive that quality has no alternative, it has put us in the position that we currently do not have a dissatisfied client, and recommendations and references are the best collaborator for obtaining future jobs. In the markets of Belgium and the Netherlands, the company Termovent has developed a recognizable brand of a reliable partner and this has further facilitated our cooperation with existing and gaining new customers.

Is this project more delicate than previous projects you have done?

Glišo Prijić: This project is more delicate than all the previous projects we have done. I can freely say that it represents a great engineering challenge for all of us. We developed the project documentation with our partners from Belgium and the Netherlands: Actemium, Tyco Fire, Steris, which we hired as subcontractors of each in their field after the finishing of the technical documentation. Coordinating the work of these partners in the field of design and construction, and yet respecting all Biosafety and GMP and GAP regulations, in such a developed EU country is not simple at all.

How are the current works on the project going?

Glišo Prijić: The works are proceeding according to the plan previously drawn up. There are currently 14 of our specialists in the Netherlands who will work on the installation of our air chambers and ductwork. In the next few days, our subcontractor, the company Instalater, will go in Netherland, and they will work on the pipe installation, and our 6 electrical installers, so with our Belgian and Dutch subcontractors, we will have 40 workers on the facility in the next month under our company’s directive. I would also like to thank Serbian Chamber of Commerce, which helped us to provide the documentation needed for our workers to pass through all transit countries from Serbia to the Netherlands.

Do you already have plans for new projects in the EU?

Glišo Prijić: Of course. We have 3 more big projects in the EU in the plan and I am extremely satisfied with the fact that our engineers are very recognized and competent for such markets and projects. One of the main strategies in the engineering sector is the training, and training of young engineers for challenging projects, and thanks to that we currently have a strong Engineers and it is a great pleasure to manage such a team.