Kopaonik Business Forum 2020

Kopaonik Business Forum is an event that is organized once a year, and gives an opportunity to discuss about the most important economic and social issues in Serbia. It gathers over 1,200 participants, including eminent professors, government officials, members of diplomatic corps, businessmen, domestic and foreign investors and representatives of international financial organizations.

Due to its tradition and excellent reputation, Kopaonik Business Forum is the most relevant event of its kind in Serbia, which is organized from March 1st to March 4th.

This year, at Kopaonik Business Foru participated Andrija Perović, CEO of Termovent. He spoke at the panel: “Rapidly Growing Domestic Companies – Different Sizes, Different Problems” moderated by Ivan Rakic, Managing Partner of EY for Serbs, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The panelists were:

Darko Budec, founder and owner of Buck;
Sofija Popara Parmakovic, founder and owner of company Clever (pausal.rs);
Nebojša Šaponjic, co-owner and founder of Nelt Co;
Andrija Perovic, co-owner and CEO of Termovent.

It is encouraged by the fact that Serbian entrepreneurship is becoming more recognizable for its agility and innovation in the global entrepreneurial scene also. Domestic companies that have overcome various obstacles continue to focus on investing in their people and a wider range of great products and services. The topic of today’s discussion is how to change the business environment for these companies to further develop and conquer new markets, ”said Ivan Rakic, Managing Partner of EY for Serba, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Andrija Perovic, the only representative of second generation of leaders used this topic to say that up to 73% of family-owned companies in the world do not survive a second-generation transition, and also how much Termovent had to invest in professional management and prepare the founder and other generations to take on new roles..

The discussion on this board drew a lot of attention from the participants of Kopaonik Business Forum, as well as the media that were present (Blic, B92, PCPress).