ONLINE CONFERENCE Business in challenging times – How to responsibly adapt business for the benefit of employees, companies and society?

The Serbian Association of Managers in cooperation with ICT HUB is organizing an online conference “Business in challenging times – How to responsibly adapt business for the benefit of employees, companies and society?”.

Responsible employer behavior and the importance of quick and calm reactions in unforeseen circumstances are the key to successful business, as it excels at good managers and has good reactions throughout the team.

The idea of the SAM and ICT HUB conferences is to act as a responsible manager and to share experiences of practice, what an employer does and what it does to protect its employees. The goal is to convey what are the responsibilities of managers and businesses, not only to the business environment but also to the entire society.

The conference will be held on March 19 from 12-13h.

It is a great honor that one of the participants will be Miloš Perović, our COO and co-owner.

Participants are:
Dragoljub Damljanovic, SAM President, Vice President for Energy and Services in South East Europe, Schneider Electric
Slavko Carić, CEO, Erste Bank
Slobodan Djinovic, Director, Orion Telecom
Milos Perovic, Operations Director and Co-Owner, Termovent
Mihailo Vesović, Sector Director for Strategic Analysis, Analytics, Services, Services and Product Packages, Serbian Chamber of Commerce
Sonja Šmuc, Director General of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce.

Interview moderators:
Dejan Randic, Director of DNA communications & ICT HUB and
Kosta Andjic, Managing Partner, ICT Hub.

From Poland we will have:
Goran Licanin, CDO and Business Development Director for IOT, Cloud and B2B, HUAWEI CEE & NORDIC

You can access the conference via this link with the following instructions:

1. Register for an online conference at this link;
2. On the registration page, please enter your name, surname and e-mail;
3. An e-mail will confirm that you have successfully registered. We recommend that you use the option and add the event to your personal calendar – the direct links are in the confirmation mail;
4. You will also receive a mail reminder 24 hours and 1 hour before the start of the online conference;
5. To access the online conference, you need to click on the Click Here To Join link in the confirmation mail (or in your calendar). At the link you will first need to download the application for your computer or phone. It takes less than a minute. After that, a window will open where you will enter the information to join the online conference.
6. You will have the opportunity to ask questions in writing during the online conference. If you would like to ask questions earlier, you can send them to our email