Termovent Academy

Opening of Termovent Academy

After 27 years of existence of Termovent and accumulation of great knowledge in the field of production of Air Handling Units, CleanRooms and engineering of HVAC systems, we made a big milestone in business and decided to create one of the most beautiful projects, Termovent Academy.

With a focus on youth development, our Academy will aim to show students the theoretical knowledge they acquire on a daily basis at the faculties in practice and to prepare them for what comes after school. In addition, Termovent Academy will gather a large number of lecturers who are members of our partner companies, and in addition to the training itself, they will try to show young people the chances in domestic companies and that a great career can be built in Serbia as well.

NTP Beograd

Cooperation with STP Belgrade

We owe a great deal of gratitude for the realization of this project to our partner, Science Technology Park Belgrade, who supported our project and enabled us to open our training center within the Termovent Academy in addition to our R&D team that will work within that institution. The training center will be open at the beginning of next year and will be open to all students who want to expand their knowledge, but also to designers and mature engineers who will have the opportunity to test systems in real conditions and monitor their performance.

Besides external training and cooperation with faculties, Termovent Academy will also work on internal training where our engineers will help new colleagues to be more ready to take on daily responsibilities and projects.

Termovent Academy was officially opened at the beginning of the summer of 2020, in accordance with the possibilities due to the epidemiological situation, and full potential is expected in 2021.

Termovent Academy in Kladovo

Besides Science Technology Park, Termovent Academy has its own training center within our production plant in Kladovo, which has already been completed and is waiting for the opportunity for students, designers and engineers to gather live and exchange knowledge.

Aleksandra Bogovac,
Head of Termovent Academy

Transferring personal knowledge to the explicit is one of the biggest challenges in any education, including for us.

Our wish is to create value through joint work that will serve everyone individually, increase the independence of colleagues in work, systematically facilitate the implementation of future colleagues, bring the vision closer to young colleagues who are starting a career.

Added value is something that remains behind us, for those who are ready to learn, innovate, improve processes and products.

Aleksandra Bogovac