Termovent and MT-Komex reduced annual carbon dioxide production by 75 tons

Together with the construction of the new Termovent factory, we decided to go hand in hand with the Belgrade company MT-Komex, to which we entrusted the installation of a solar power plant at our factory and a solar canopy and electric charger in the parking lot of the same facility.

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With the successful implementation of this ambitious project, MT-Komex has greened the energy mix of investors, who will spend kilowatt-hours from their roof and parking lot to reduce their own consumption without handing over electricity to the distribution network. This is regulated by a smart meter, positioned in the 1 MVA substation, which will be used to power the production plant, the company emphasized to us.


The total installed power of solar power plants is 130 kW, of which 110 kW is located at the factory, and 20 kW is installed on the canopy. For their construction, 374 Eco Line Half-Cell solar panels, manufactured by Luxor Solar, were used.


The expected annual production of the plant is about 125,000 kWh. By replacing that amount of electricity from thermal power plants with coal that is of pure origin, about 75 tons of carbon dioxide will be saved during the year. In this way, Termovent reduced its carbon footprint, but also its electricity bills at the same time, strengthening energy independence. By generating electricity at the place of consumption, the technical losses that occur during the transmission of electricity from the power plant to the consumer have been reduced by almost 20 percent.

Termovent and MT-Komex have contributed to the transformation towards sustainability not only of energy but also of transport. Skilled installers of MT-Komex have installed a Schneider Electric electric charger in the Termovent parking, which will primarily draw electricity from renewable sources.

Other energy efficiency measures implemented by Termovent through the production modernization process include an air chamber and a heat pump.