Termovent is becoming part of the Swiss corporation Arbonia

The Serbian company Termovent is becoming part of the Swiss Corporation Arbonia*, according to Arbonia Group’s HVAC development strategy.

After almost three decades of development of our company, we can proudly inform you that we are becoming part of such a large and renowned company. This is a very important step for Termovent because it provides great opportunities and faster growth of our company, with the support of one of the largest global players.

We are very happy due to the fact that this will make the Termovent brand even more present on the market, and we will also expand our product portfolio with Arbonia products, which will give us new opportunities with existing and new partners.

This step would not be possible without our employees and all partners who helped us have Termovent present in over 20 countries, and we would like to thank and congratulate them all.

Message from the founder of Termovent, Dušan Perović:

For the past 28 years, I have tried to create a company in which I will be happy to work, a company that nurtures and cultivates family values, where employees will come to work with a smile on the face and be proud to work there. It used to be very challenging and it seemed like an impossible mission, but today Termovent has become everything I have imagined in the past. I am proud of the fact that Termovent looks today the way it does, I am proud of all the projects we do and have done; I am proud of my sons who took the leading role in the company; I am proud of every individual who has influenced the development of our Termovent.

I am proud of the fact that Termovent is a real regional leader today. Joining Arbonia made me even more proud, because it is proof of quality and proof that everything we have done all these years makes sense and that someone has reorganized it.

Dusan Perovic

Becoming a part of such a company and group is a great honour and privilege, and it is up to us now to prove our quality and show what all we can do together.


Arbonia is a focused building components supplier that is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and has its headquarters in Arbon, in the canton of Thurgau (CH). The group is active worldwide with its own distribution companies, as well as offices and partners in more than 70 countries. Its main production sites are located in Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands, and soon in Serbia.

A total of around 8300 employees work for the Arbonia Group.
The divisions that make up Arbonia are active in the following sectors: heating, air-conditioning and ventilation technology, sanitary equipment, windows, as well as exterior and interior doors.

*Completion of the transaction is subject of approval by the Commission for Protection of Competition of the Republic of Serbia.