Circular migrations

Termovent’s support to “Serbia and circular migrations” project

Within the project „Brain drain from Serbia – act responsibly now for the future of Serbia” which was organized by the Serbian Association of Managers and Swiss Government, our CEO Andrija Perovic held a lecture at the Faculty of Economics in Kragujevac. The goal of this project I to raise public awareness of the “brain drain” from Serbia and create a dialogue on the positive aspects of circular migrations. The specific objective of this project was to promote the opportunities and possibilities for the young in Serbia in terms of individual and professional development through the company’s talent development programs, professional internships, scholarships.

Andrija Perovic talked about how company Termovent has grown beyond its initial framework since 1993, when it was established, and become a serious company that operates in over 20 countries, including the countries of the European Union, the Middle East and Russia.

How it started

Most people think that entrepreneurship is easy, and if you own your own business you don’t have to do anything, that as an entrepreneur you will earn more, they don’t even know how long and hard path lies behind every successful entrepreneur“, Andrija started his story to the students about the difficult path of successful entrepreneurship.

There is no easy start, nor success without pain, there is no successful entrepreneur without employees, who help him stay in business. That’s why we are trying to keep our employees in the company to work and grow together!

Andria talked about the importance of employees to every entrepreneur, motivating young people to stay in their country and believe that they will become entrepreneurs one day, find jobs, where they will feel happy and respected.

Andrija Perović

How it went on

„When you start making changes, you will face many difficulties, it’s not the time for giving up, but for doing your best, as the success is not far away, it’s just around the corner!

You should not be afraid of starting your own business but just be patient and persistent, put all your energy and time into making changes, because you are making the changes, there is no magic wand!

But when you reach the realization phase, the sky will be the limit,” Andria encouraged future entrepreneurs.

Ekonomski fakultet u Kragujevcu

At the end of his speech Andria emphasized the importance of company’s plan, focus, stable cash flow, and constant investments, and added, as the most important, that during process of corporatization, company must keep a part of entrepreneurship, because it gives employees the strength and desire to work in a company, where people like to spend time, not only to earn for their living.

Manager forum– managerial response to brain drain – what have we learnt?

Miloš Perović

Milos Perovic, COO of our company participated in a panel discussion within this Managers Forum project on managerial response to the shortage of adequate human resources and talents who are living in Serbia. Milos says that more than 90% of Termovent projects have been realized abroad, and our engineers have the opportunity to live and work in Serbia and still remain competitive in world markets.

He also mentioned our new project, Termovent Academy, which we are introducing in order to give students an opportunity to see what cannot be seen at university and added that if the company plans to grow long-term, it must invest in human resources. At the end of his speech, he stated that he had never thought of leaving the country because he loves living in Serbia, and even when he was a student, he was in a specific situation, because his father had a company, it was quite normal to continue the business in the second generation.

Besides Milos, the other panelists were: panel moderator Dejan Randjic, the general director of DNA Communication, Marija Desivojevic Cvetkovic, SVP for strategy and development of Delta Holding and Nebojsa Bjelotomic, CEO Saga.

Milos Perovic

Faculty of Economics in Kragujevac

Manager forum