In 2019, we launched something that will hopefully become a tradition in the coming years and will be named “Best Partner” per division.

Behind us is one of the most successful years in Termovent’s business history. In addition to the great expansion of our team and innovation in manufacturing, we are very proud of our very successful cooperation with our partners.
We have done more than 100 projects from Belgium all the way to Siberia and we are very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with companies that are absolute leaders in the business they do, and they have all made Termovent as it is today.

In 2019, we launched something that we hope will become a tradition in the coming years, which is to choose the best partner by division. The best partners in 2019 are:

Air Handling Unit DivisionJedinstvo, Serbia
Clean Room DivisionSTI, Russia
Engineering DivisionZoetis, Belgium

Companies: Jedistvo, STI, and Zoetis are, among other major partners, companies which are trusting us for many years. We have grown with them, done big projects that we are very proud of, and we are confident that we will repeat the same successes for a long time.

We are very proud of all the partnerships made in previous years and hope that it will be even stronger in the years ahead.