Users of CleanRoom

What is a CleanRoom?

Who are cleanroom users?


“Room within which the number concentration of airborne particles is controlled and classified, and which is designed, constructed and operated in a manner to control the introduction, generation and retention of particles inside the room.”

Contamination control can be beneficial for the protection of product or process integrity in applications in industries such as aerospace, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare and food.

Cleanliness is only one of the aspects controlled within a cleanroom. Depends on technology requirements, the cleanroom can also monitor temperature, humidity, pressure cascade, airflow direction, sound, lighting with a specially dedicated system Environment Monitoring System (EMS).

Thanks to these controlled parameters, manufacturer who realize production in cleanroom environment can focus on improving of quality control and product quality in order to improve business result.

With technological development, increasingly stringent and serious market needs and demands, cleanroom application fields have exceeded the standard intended purpose.

Yura corporation

Termovent divides the market into the following subgroups:

Life Science and Chemicals Industry

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Consumer Care
  • Chemicals

Advanced Technology Industry

  • Batteries
  • Semiconductors
  • Photovoltaics

Specific Business Needs


It is interesting that besides of mentioned industries and field of application, the growing production of Li-Ion batteries also requires a cleanroom environment, such as production for the automotive industry.

Termovent has been a manufacturer of clean rooms since 2015 and since then has installed its products in a large number of facilities, for various purposes, from pharmaceutical companies (Pharmasyntez, Aspectus Pharma, Evalar), laboratories and hospitals (Laboratory Fire eye in Belgrade, GrandMedica Hospital in Russia) to large factories (Yura Corporation, Katod).

3D street view – Project Evalar

This blog was prepared by our Head of Termovent Academy, Aleksandra Bogovac, and in the future, you can expect a lot of texts like this from our Termovent Academy.


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